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What makes Green Spores dispensary unique?

Green Spores dispensary  uses only environmentally friendly methods to prepare psilocybin spores syringes . We are carbon neutral in our emissions. We also provide researchers , and cultivators with high standard mushroom spore syringes. Green Spores dispensary has over 20  spores strains. Our shop is open 24/7 to take your orders. We provide all our customers with excellent Growing kits, culture solutions, and 10cc spore syringes.


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Our mission

Green Spores Dispensary offers her customers premium mushroom spores, spores syringes and supplies at very affordable prices. Our spores can be  used for microscopy research and for Growing.

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green spores dispensary Psilocybe mushroom spores

To provide all our customers with high quality mushroom spore substrates, spore syringes, and Growing kits, we keep a green environment of clean laboratory use. We have promo codes for all microscopy research levels(i.e Beginner, intermediate, and advanced). You will get a 10% discount if you buy 10 or more spore syringes. We also offer Free shipping for Bulk  orders above $200 to USA and Canada.

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High quality spores for sale.  We have Mushroom spores substrates, supplies, and spore syringes for sale. If you are looking for one of the best spores dispensary to syringes, we are at your service. Green Spores dispensary has a wide variety of amazing magic mushroom spores and psilocybin for sale. 

We have  Mushroom Culture, Medicinal Mushroom Culture, and Exotic Mushroom Spores

How to order psilocybin mushroom spores

At Green Spores dispensary  mushroom spores shop, it takes just three steps to place your order. Firstly, Search for the strains  you like and add them to the cart.

Secondly, click the checkout link and fill in your details. lastly, click place order and wait for shipping and delivery at your address of choice.

Magic Mushroom spores FAQ

How long does it take to ship your spore syringes?

All our syringes are shipped by  mail order after 24 hours, it takes a total of 48 hours for delivery to be made.

is it safe to order psilocybin spores online?

Green Spores dispensary is available for all customers located in the USA, Australia, UK, and EU. We have high quality spores. Please send us any feedback you may have. We will reply to your request immediately. We also have free shipping for second-time orders.

Psychedelic mushroom spores legality

All information contained on this site including pictures are for research and identification purposes only. We do not own the rights to all the pictures on this site. Please give credit to the right owners.

Green Spores dispensary has the right to deny the sale of any product and/or spores to anyone for any reason. We cannot be held liable or responsible for your actions or with how you use the information provided.  We do not condone you to partake in any illegal activities. What you do with the spores and information is up to you. Please check your local laws regarding spores before purchasing and adhere to those local laws. We will only ship discreetly to IDAHO, CALIFORNIA, and GEORGIA. 

Green Spores Dispensary is a legal corporation in the state of Colorado. Green Spores dispensary DOES NOT GROW OR SELL ILLEGAL MUSHROOMS. Everything included in this site is legal and law abiding.